the Bassa Pavese team at FIWC 2022 – Show Results

The Show of the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs is the most important show for the breed.
This year it was in Czech Republic.
There were 180 entries.
Expert Judges were the honorable Mrs Jean Timmins, Mrs Anne Webb, Mr Steve LeVan.
della Bassa Pavese Irish Wolfhouns obtain very important results.
I want to thank the judges for appretiating my Wolfhounds!
Sarabi della Bassa Pavese FIWC Winner, Best Movement and Best in Show
Vittorio della Bassa Pavese FIWC Winner Male
della Bassa Pavese Best Breeder’s group and Best 3 generations.
Arkle della Bassa Pavese Best dog Puppy
Aewin della Bassa Pavese Best bitch puppy
Wintaka della Bassa Pavese 1st Eccellente CAC in Intermediate Class bitches
Pendragon della Bassa Pavese 1st Eccellente, CAC in Champion Class Dogs

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Sarabi della Bassa Pavese wins the FIWC Show 2022

It’s a fantastic 2022 for Sarabi della Bassa Pavese, after winning, for the second time, the European Dog Show,
after winning the World Dogs Show,
she wins the Show of Federation Irish Wolfhound Club 2022, in Cechia.
180 entries, three honorable judges: Jean Timmins, Anne Webb, Steve LeVan.
She is a very incredible Irish Wolfhound, the most beloved!!!

Sarabi della Bassa Pavese – Federation Irish Wolfhound Club 2022 Winner

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